Top 14 Best Places to visit in Pakistan : 2023

Best Places to visit in Pakistan

Top 14 Best Places to Visit in Pakistan: 2023

These stunning spots to see in Pakistan, are the best places to visit in Pakistan and must be included in your travel itinerary while organizing your trip if the grandeur and mystery of Pakistan are high on your list of vacation destinations.

Pakistan’s stunning beauty is made all the more mind-blowing when you first encounter some of the nation’s natural wonders and ancient cities since, in comparison to many other nations, less is known about tourism in Pakistan.

Pakistan genuinely offers everything, from the beautiful waters of lakes in wide, sweeping valleys to the crumbling palaces of former emperors. It is as intriguing and distinctive as it is gorgeous.

Let us see only a slight bit of this country’s majesty, enchantment, and wonder as we go around 14 of its most stunning sites, guided by a local writer.

Top Places to Visit in Pakistan

  1. Naltar Valley
  2. Neelum Valley
  3. Deosai Plains
  4. Siri Paye
  5. Swat Valley
  6. Bahawalpur
  7. Gwadar
  8. Saif Ul Malook
  9. Murree
  10. Chitral
  11. Kalash Valley
  12. Skardu
  13. Nathia Gali
  14. Kumrat Valley

1. Naltar Valley

Naltar Valley, Gilgit Baltistan Best Places to visit in Pakistan

This picturesque valley is located outside of Gilgit Baltistan. Naltar Valley is the place to go if you love the luscious green scenery and magnificent lakes. It boasts snow-covered mountains, a stunning valley, lakes, and—most significantly—the longest chairlift in Gilgit.

In other words, it is the ideal location for families looking for a cool, peaceful setting to spend quality time together.

 2. Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley Kashmir Pakistan Best Places to visit in Pakistan

The Neelum Valley may be found in the Azad Kashmir neighborhood. Along with stunning vistas and scenery, the area is also known for its fishing and swimming opportunities. Check out Neelum Valley if you and your family enjoy trout fishing and eating them beside the lake. Consider taking a trip here if you wish to avoid the oppressive heat of Pakistan in June and July.

3. Deosai Plains

Deosai The Land of Giants Best Places to visit in Pakistan

The area is frequently referred to as “the nation of giants” because of its wide and gigantic plains. They are also known as the Deosai Plains, which are the second-largest plateau on Earth. It is situated in the Gilgit-Baltistan region. August is the best month to go since the region is covered in uncountable numbers of bright wildflowers, which is a sight you do not want to miss.

Moreover, there is a national park that protects several rare animal species, including brown bears and Markhor, the national animal of Pakistan. Kids may get a full experience of Pakistan’s flora and animals there, making it a wonderful holiday destination.

4. Siri Paye

Lake of Siri Paye Meadow and Makra Peak Best Places to visit in Pakistan

It is a stunning green region close to Kaghan. The mountains of Kashmir, Makra Peak, Malika Parbat, and Musa ka Musala are some of the locations one should see when in Siri Paye.

But, one must keep in mind that this is a remote location with narrow, perilous trails. Hence, if you are traveling with young children, you should usually choose a less dangerous location. Nonetheless, Siri Paye is the place to go if your group consists only of adults.

5. Swat Valley

River Swat Pakistan Best Places to visit in Pakistan

Did you know that Malala Yousafzai, the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, is a native of the Swat Valley?

Malakand province in Pakistan is where Swat is situated. This location has several waterfalls, stunning vistas, and lush terrain. Mining for emeralds and stones is a prominent industry in the region.

Several lovely items are readily available at extremely reasonable prices. Ladies, please visit SWAT if you’re seeking stone jewelry.

6. Bahawalpur

Noor Mahal Bahawalpur Best Places to visit in Pakistan

Punjab, Pakistan, is home to the lovely and historically significant city of Bahawalpur. Visit Bahawalpur if you appreciate visiting historical attractions. The city is full of polo fields and stunningly lovely buildings. Bahawalpur residents like hunting and horseback riding as well.

Both the Noor Mahal and the Darbar Mahal, which belonged to the Bahawalpur royal dynasty, should be seen. At night, the palaces are breathtaking.

The national park, Derawar Fort, Bahawalpur Zoo, and Abbasi Mosque are a few other locations you ought to check out. You should not miss Bahawalpur if you and your family members enjoy history. While the city is fairly hot in the summer, try visiting there in the winter.

7. Gwadar

Gwadar, Balochistan. Best Places to visit in Pakistan

One of the top destinations for family vacations in 2023 is this area. Who needs to spend outrageous amounts of cash when they already have Gwadar on beautiful beaches and delectable seafood? Baluchistan’s port city is called Gwadar. From Gwadar, you can see the captivating Arabian Sea.

The beaches at Kallang and Gwadar are equally as beautiful as any others worldwide. The city’s national parks include those for the Hammerhead, Omara, Princess of Hope, and others.

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8. Saif ul Malook

Lake-saif-ul-malook Pakistan Best Places to visit in Pakistan

It is among the greatest places for cheap family vacations. The Kaghan Valley is home to Jheel Saif ul Malook. This gorgeous location is frequently referred to as heaven on earth. You are in awe of the wildflowers and the crystal-clear water. There is a legend that claims fairies visit this lake on the fourteenth day of each lunar month.

9. Murree

Jheeka Gali Murree Pakistan in Winter Best Places to visit in Pakistan

One of the most well-known holiday destinations in Pakistan in Murree. Many thousands of people come here annually. The distance from Islamabad is 45 minutes by car. For forever, the lovely hill town has been wooing people over.

Sir Henry Lawrence, the Governor of Punjab, established the highland resort in 1851. It was once employed as a military hospital for British soldiers. It eventually rose to prominence as one of Pakistan’s most well-liked holiday locations.

The bazaar on Mall Road in Murree is well known for selling a wide variety of locally produced goods, including key chains, home décor items, clothing, embroidered items, and wood products.

At Kashmir Point, strolling is another option. The tall trees and pleasant air enhance the area’s charm. Don’t forget to make use of the chairlift at Patriata as well. You can be sure that it will rank among your most priceless memories. From up there, you can view the whole city.

Don’t forget to taste Chara Pani’s chutney and spicy pakoras when you are in Murree. Moreover, Mall Road is brimming with several street food vendors selling soup, fries, karahis, burgers, fries, pakoras, chicken breasts, etc. Murree also has a movie theatre. It implies that you may see your preferred movie there as well. In summary, Murree is among the greatest places to go on vacation. A fascinating fact about the town is the notion that Murree was given its name in honor of the Virgin Mary.

10. Chitral

The City of Chitral and Tirich Mir Best Places to visit in Pakistan

Chitral is the next destination on our list. Chitral, which is in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, is renowned for its breathtaking valleys and vistas. Those who wish to enjoy distinctive music, culture, and delectable cuisine should visit Chitral. Surprisingly, Chitral alone is home to speakers of almost 14 different languages. What a fantastic thing!

Visit the Chitral Polo Field while you are there. On this property, the yearly Shandur Festival takes place. Moreover, polo is a popular sport among the Chitralis, and regular polo contests take place there. The Governor House and Chitral Museum are further attractions. Did you know that the first princely state to join Pakistan after its founding was Chitral? On August 15, 1947, Muzaffar-ul-Mulk, the Mehtar of Chitral, declared his desire to join Pakistan.

11. Kalash Valley

Bumburet Valley - Kalash. Best Places to visit in Pakistan

One of Pakistan’s most well-known tourist spots is Kalash. The valley is further split into the Bumburet, Rumboor, and Birir areas. Among these, the Bumburet area is frequently visited by tourists due to its accessibility and plenty of lodging options.

The Kalasha people have a very distinctive and fascinating culture. The populace practices animism as a religion (Animism is a religious belief that objects, places, and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence).

You should also view the Kalasha people’s traditional attire. Their attire is colorful and covered with exquisite needlework. Even though they are wearing really large headgear, they handle it well.

Every year, the Kalash Valley celebrates several festivals, including Chilam Joshi, Uchau, and Choimus. These celebrations, which feature dancing, music, and copious amounts of food and drink, are an ideal representation of Kalash culture. According to legend, the inhabitants of Kalash Valley are decedents of Alexander the Great’s army that was abandoned in the area.

12. Skardu

Shangrila Resort - Skardu Best Places to visit in Pakistan

The Gilgit Baltistan area includes Skardu, which is renowned for its beautiful scenery. The Indus River, which divides the Himalayan mountain range from the Karakoram Range, is located close to the location.

Skardu’s past dates back a very long time. It was an extremely significant cultural location for the Tibetan Empire. In the summer, Skardu has ideal weather. Skardu is most accessible from April to October. The temperature drops dramatically after October. It can be as cold as 10 °C (14 °F).

You and your loved ones can travel to lovely locations close to Skardu. These locations include the forts of Skardu, Shigar, Satpara, and Kachura. Do visit Skardu if you enjoy trekking and adventure.

13. Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali Best Places to visit in Pakistan

A mountain resort called Nathia Gali is close to the Abbottabad District. Because of the magnificent vistas, lovely weather, and tranquil setting, it is one of Pakistan’s most picturesque hill stations.

There are many pine, cedar, oak, walnut, and maple trees throughout the area. If you see monkeys on your route, don’t be alarmed; they are not dangerous. Nathia Gali is home to several historical landmarks, including Saint Mathew’s Church and the Governor House.

You must visit the Mukshpuri Top if you enjoy trekking a lot. Beginners may find the trek challenging, but once you reach the summit, you will feel as if you have reached the top of the world. The entire area is visible from the summit.

14. Kumrat Valley

One of Pakistan’s top tourist destinations is Kumrat. Beautiful Kumrat Valley can be found in the Dir district. The stunning valley is concealed by enormous mountains and a canopy of luxuriant vegetation. The region is well known for its exotic wildlife and environment.

At Kumrat, there aren’t as many hotels and lodging options, but you may set up a tent along the streams and waterfalls. The two biggest draws in Kumrat Valley are Jahaz Banda and Kotora Lake.

File:Kumrat Valley Best Places to visit in Pakistan


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    Nice blog. Thanks for sharing. Pakistan is located on the northwestern side of the South Asian subcontinent. Pakistan is a country that is ruled by a lot of empires including Alexander the Great. Every empire has its history and places (forts, mosques, roads, gardens) that were built by the “king” of that time. Here we compline the list of some of the most Historical places in Pakistan .

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    Pakistan’s top 14 places to visit in 2023 showcase its rich diversity, from the stunning northern peaks to ancient ruins and lively cities. Destinations like Hunza Valley, Skardu, and Lahore highlight the country’s natural beauty, cultural heritage, and architectural marvels. Whether you’re exploring Karachi’s dynamic urban landscape or stepping back in time at Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan offers memorable experiences for every traveler, complemented by its renowned hospitality.

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