Best Places to Visit in Karachi in Pakistan

Best Places to Visit in Karachi

Best Places to Visit in Karachi in 2023

Best Places to Visit in Karachi the largest metropolitan area in Pakistan and the capital of Sindh, Karachi, is renowned for its diversified culture, leading educational system, delicious food, historical landmarks, greatest shopping centers, best movie theatres, many farms, and of course, its stunning deep blue sea. Residents of Karachi may have a full and pleasant life. If you’re considering moving to Karachi, has compiled a list of the city’s best neighborhoods for investment.

List of Best Places to Visit in Karachi

Here is a list of locations to see in Karachi if you are planning to come for the first time.

  1. Clifton Beach
  2. Mazar-e-Quaid
  3. Mohatta Palace
  4. Charna Island
  5. Port Grand
  6. Haleji Lake
  7. Karachi Zoo
  8. Frere Hall
  9. Quaid e Azam Museum
  10. Turtle Beach
  11. Chaukhandi Tombs
  12. Empress Market

 1. Clifton Beach

Best Places to Visit in Karachi Clifton

Clifton Beach can be the best choice for you if you want to see genuine coastal beauty without having to pay hundreds of pounds.

Famously referred to as the Sea View, Clifton Beach is a center for entertainment and renowned restaurants. Visit Clifton beach if you want to take in a sunset or want to look for seashells along the shore while enjoying the refreshing sea air.

It goes from Karachi to Ormara, Balochistan, along the Arabian Sea. In addition to its natural beauty, the beach offers a wide range of leisure activities, such as camel rides, scuba diving, cliff diving, buggy rides, horse rides, and flying model airplanes.

You can also stay in the neighborhoods close to the water. The gated residential complex contains several Seaview units. Or you may get a room at one of the best 3-star or 4-star hotels in the city. Due to their location and attractions, these homes are regarded as some of the best in the city.

 2. Mazar-e-Quaid

Best Places to visit in Karachi Mazar-e-Quaid

The last resting site of Pakistan’s founder, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, is located in Karachi. The Jinnah Mausoleum, also known as Mazar-e-Quaid, is one of Karachi’s most popular tourist destinations.

The mausoleum’s design and construction were begun in 1960 and finished in 1971. The mausoleum, a recognizable landmark of Karachi, is a popular tourist destination in Pakistan. The mausoleum also houses the tombs of Liaquat Ali Khan, Nurul Amin, Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar, and Fatima Jinnah, widely known as the “Mother of the Nation” and Jinnah’s sister.

The entire public is welcome inside the tomb. Do go to the Mazar to pay respects to Pakistan’s warriors.

3. Mohatta Palace

Best Places to visit in Karachi Mohatta Palace


In the center of Karachi, there lies a magnificent structure called the Mohatta Palace. The palace, designed by Agha Ahmed Hussain, was constructed in 1927 in the upscale coastal community of Clifton. It was once Shivratan Mohatta’s vacation residence, a well-known Hindu merchant. The physicians urged him to take his sick wife close to the sea, so he built the palace for her.

The pink Jodhpur stone was combined with the native yellow stone from neighboring Gizri to create the palace like Rajasthani stone palaces.

Fatima Jinnah received the Mohatta palace after the split. She lived all her final years here at the palace. Mohatta Palace has political and historical roots, to put it briefly. The palace is now owned by the state and functions as a museum.

The building’s stunning architecture is a truly magnificent sight. The buildings distinguish themselves from the others with their large gardens and corner tomb constructions. Visit Mohatta Palace if you want to see a real representation of modern Mughal art and architecture.

 4. Charna Island

In Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, Charna Island, also called Churna Island, is situated close to Mubarak Goth. At the border between the provinces of Balochistan and Sindh, Charna Island is an uninhabited paradise in the Arabian Sea that is located approximately 9 km (5.6 mi) west of the “Manjhar Beach” at the mouth of the Hub River.

Fishermen in the area also refer to Charna as “Cheerno.” Mubarak Village, which is well-known for its fisherman, is 6 miles distant. Churna is primarily utilized by the Pakistan Navy as a firing range.

Undoubtedly, Charna is a center for extreme sports and other leisure activities. Every day, a large number of people travel to the island to engage in leisure pursuits including cliff diving, freediving, underwater photography, hiking, speed boating, kneeboarding, wake surfing, banana tubing, and jet skiing. There are several places to go swimming in Karachi. Swimming is a fantastic activity and pleasure that keeps you fit and healthy. Installing a pool within your home will increase its attractiveness.

Charna Island is a paradise for thrill-seekers and water sports enthusiasts. Due to the large variety of lobster, crab, and other fish species in the area, fishermen also fish there.

5. Port Grand

Best Places to visit in Karachi Port Grand

The center of Karachi’s entertainment is reputed to be Port Grand. Port Grand provides everything you need, including small restaurants, upscale eating, and quality theatres. It contains additional vendors and a one-kilometer bridge that may be converted into a food street. This location serves both Indian and non-Indian cuisine. A whole lunch costs between $3 and $4 (about Rs. 300 and Rs. 600). There are upscale restaurants in Karachi that serve their patrons boiling meals.

Visit Port Grand with your friends and family to have a filling and delicious meal while tasting Karachi’s well-known dishes while taking in the beautiful surroundings. Apart from the eating, the location is stunningly lovely, making it one of Karachi’s most gorgeous tourist destinations.

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 6. Haleji Lake

Best Places to visit in Karachi Haleji Lake Thatta Sindh

In Pakistan’s Sindh Province, the Haleji Lake is a permanent freshwater lake. Its area is 6.58 km2 (2.54 sq mi). The marshes and lagoons that surround the lake enhance the area’s natural attractiveness. It is the largest bird sanctuary in Asia and a bird lover’s paradise.

The cotton teal, Indian spot-billed duck, purple moorhen, and pheasant-tailed jacana are just a few examples of the many plants and animals claimed to live in the lake. Egrets and herons also use it as a nesting ground.

Haleji should undoubtedly be on your travel plan if you enjoy bird-watching or outdoor activities. 

7. Karachi Zoo

Best Places to visit in Karachi Zoo

In Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, there is a zoo known as the Karachi Zoological Gardens. It is Pakistan’s biggest zoo and, after Lahore Zoo, the nation’s second-oldest. It is one of the most popular destinations for family vacations in Karachi.

In 1878, the Zoo was made accessible to the general public. It was once referred to as Mahatma Gandhi Garden. Following Pakistan’s 1947 declaration of independence, the name was changed to “Karachi Zoological Gardens” or “Karachi Zoo.”

Numerous exotic and wild animal species, such as tigers, lions, alligators, zebras, and others, may be found at the zoo. The zoo’s most well-known attractions include:

  • Elephant House
  • One of Karachi Zoo’s most well-known attractions is the Natural History Museum. The natural history museum also displays various animals’ skins, antlers, horns, and feathers in addition to stuffed creatures.
  • A reptile house with around 13 different types of lizards and snakes.
  • Veterinary Hospital
  • The public is familiar with the Mughal Garden for its unique plants.
  • White Lions

8. Frere Hall

Best Places to visit in Karachi Frere Hall

Without a doubt, Frere Hall is among Karachi’s top tourist attractions. Frere Hall, a notable building in Karachi, Pakistan, was built during the initial period of British colonialism of Sindh. The structure was built in 1895 and formerly housed the city’s town hall.

It was divided, and now it serves as both a library and an exhibition area.

However, on Sundays, there is a book fair in Frere Hall’s court where various bookstores and hawkers gather and sell books at bargain prices. Frere Hall is open to the public.

 9. Quaid e Azam Museum

Best Places to visit in Karachi Quaid-e-Azam House Museum

The Quaid e Azam Museum, typically known as the Flagstaff House, is situated in the center of Karachi. All of the items that Quaid e Azam used personally were kept in the museum.

Moses Somake, a British architect, created the museum.

Initially, from 1944 to 1948, Quaid e Azam lived at the museum. Fatima Jinnah, his sister, occupied the home until 1964 when he passed away. Later, in 1985, the Pakistani government bought the structure and preserved it as a museum.

 10. Chaukhandi Tombs

Best Places to visit in Karachi Chaukhandi Tombs

In Pakistan’s Sindh province, 29 kilometers (18 km) to the east of Karachi, lie the Chaukhandi tombs, which date back thousands of years.

The tombs are renowned for their distinctive architecture.

The graves were mostly constructed during the 15th and 18th centuries, during the Mughal Empire, and are known as the family graveyard of the Jokhio tribe.

The sandstone of a buff tint was used to build the burials. Either a single burial or a collection of up to eight tombs erected on the same platform made up a tomb.

This location is undoubtedly for you if you have a knack for historic places and distinctive architecture. Because you can view the exquisite carvings and workmanship on the tombs, dawn is the ideal time to explore the location.



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