The Best Ultimate Guide to Travel Light : 2023


Travel Light: The Best Ultimate Guide in 2023


Travel Light: I bet you already know that traveling light is one of the most important things when it comes to travel.

After all, you don’t want your bag weighing down your back and taking up space on those crowded buses and trains.

So with that in mind, let’s get started:

Pack as little as possible: Travel Light

Just like every other rookie traveler out there, we always tend to bring way too much crap with us on our trips. We think we need it all; we need every single book we’ve ever read or at least a dozen of them; we need our laptop because ‘we might as well work.


Let’s start with the shoes because they’re the worst offenders of all. Everyone loves to bring their best (and, unfortunately, heaviest) pair of shoes on trips, but you don’t need them; what you do need, however, are some comfortable sneakers that can be worn around everywhere,

no matter if it’s raining or snowing. So please leave those bad boys behind and instead take not one but two pairs of some good sneakers. Carry one pair of really comfortable ones and another pair that’s slightly more stylish (but still simple) when we go out somewhere.


Now let’s talk about clothes; obviously, you’ll need those as well, but here’s the thing: you don’t need as many. The first piece of advice I could give is to take fewer clothes than you think you’ll need (especially considering there are laundry shops everywhere nowadays). Don’t be like me and bring 17 t-shirts with you; instead, carry around seven tops, three pairs of pants/shorts, five pairs of underwear, and five socks (you may want to pack an extra pair or two, just in case).


Although it might be a good idea to bring one microfiber towel during the winter, especially if you’re going skiing or snowboarding, you can almost always find towels at your hostel or hotel. We are usually fine with just showering at the beach and using my shirt as a towel (but carry around a small towel if you feel uncomfortable doing that.

Books/Reading materials:

Don’t bring too much reading material with you; if you decide to take some books, make sure you don’t go over two (also, leave the books at your hostel/hotel). It’s not like you’ll have time to read them anyway, and besides, there are books everywhere nowadays – it would be a waste of space having all those heavy things taking up space in your bag anyways. Instead, pack an e-reader; they’re lightweight, easy to use, and can store thousands of different books; bonus points because the battery lasts forever


It is a big one for me because I’m always the guy who’s linked his phone to every single device that still has a USB port (even though they’re no longer in style). So to be more efficient and save space, pack a power cable and plug it into your e-reader; this way, you can charge all of your devices at once without having to bring multiple wires.

Now, if you want to go the whole hog, buy yourself a solar charger; not only will it make charging all your electronics easier, but they can also double as flashlights or lamps in case you need them when the power goes out.

First aid kit:

You don’t need many supplies in a first aid kit, so I usually carry the most necessary things. A small bottle of hydrogen peroxide is a lifesaver when cleaning out wounds before applying a bandage (remember: always wash your hands before doing this). Then there’s also some antibiotic cream for when you get that cut on your leg or something.

Razor/shaving materials:

By now, you’re probably wondering why we even suggesting something like this, but trust me – these are super useful, especially if you’re not into lookin’ like a bum. And if you are into that sort of thing, then maybe you shouldn’t be traveling in the first place. But since we respect your decisions, it’s probably best to bring some shaving supplies – trust me when we say this because it’s been said many times before: girls find guys with friendly faces more attractive than those with ugly faces.

Power adapter:

If you don’t know what this is for by now, then you’re a lost cause and should stop reading here. No seriously though, knowing how to use a power adapter can save you from having to buy one in every country that you visit, so the first thing you should do is go on Google and search for ‘world electrical outlets,’ then print out a couple of copies of said image. Now all you have to do is carry them around with you whenever you travel (especially if it’s your first time) because they’re always helpful in case there are no signs or anything that point out where to plug stuff into.

Wrapping UP!

As you can see, packing light is not as difficult as it seems – especially if you follow the advice given in this article. So instead of bringing a whole 50-pound bag with you on your next trip, do yourself a favor and travel light! Trust me on this because life’s too short to spend all your time lugging around heavy stuff everywhere!

Traveling light isn’t just about traveling light; it’s also about leaving behind what doesn’t matter. The more material things attached to us, the harder it becomes to let go of them when they aren’t serving us anymore.




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